Our Profile

Chamunda Security Private Limited Founded on the principles of professionalism, dedication, and commitment, we are Government Registered Security Company, fully licensed and in compliance with all the law of country, Chamunda Security has been providing security personnel all over the country and provides all types of well trained security guards. The security personnel that we provide is highly trained, disciplined, dedication, reliable and professional.

We provide highly experienced trained retired Army/Police/Armed Police Force who are flexible in handling situations and good in local knowledge, discipline and renounced for their special security training. In accordance with the needs of work sites or upon the request of clients, guards can be in uniform or with appropriate security.

We are engaged in offering guarding services to the retail, commercial, industrial & others govt. and private sector at most competitive price. Our energetic and well-trained personnel are capable of providing the services like guard training services, dog squad services, security guard services, cash escort services, event security management and bodyguards security services.

  • Vision

    To become the security service provider of choice, with a tactical unique formula of service and technology to achieve our mission of delivering excellence. Committed to offer cost effective integrated security & other services to our clients as per their individual requirement.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide our clients for their value-for-money services will complement our clients to run their operations with minimal concerns for their security. Throughout our organization, we adhere to the principles of trust, ethics, lawfulness and honesty in every action and decision we make.

  • Selection

    All candidates must pass through written test and interview in person by security officer personnel to determine their suitability for a position. It verifies previous education background, work history employment references. Army, Police, Medical examination, Criminal Records. Utmost attention is given to recruitment of our personnel in accordance with stringent parameters this includes education, age physical and mental fitness. Both male and female candidates are provided equal opportunities as well as those for the ethnic origins. All employees are subjected to vigorous verification by our internal Security Department which is responsible for verification and background checks and service records of each employee.

  • Training

    Chamunda Security conduct orientation training to all guards before deployment in the security posts. The training curriculum includes outdoor program consisting of Physical Training Squad Drill, Self Defense and Theoretical Security related subjects. Training on apart, refresher training is given from time to time to the existing security guards in order to update the security knowledge. In addition, we provides security training program as required by individual clients such as:- Security Officer Training Course, Body guards, VIP and Risk Awareness Training, Anti-Kidnapping. Threat Awareness and Bombs & Explosive Drill course, Sense of safety with knowledge & skill of handling various type of safety & security equipment.