Training Services

We provides Security Training for all personnel who plan to work or seek employment in security field. Special training programs are also conducted for customer's specific requirements besides the normal ones. The training process is never ending throughout the employee's career so as to stay up to date with the latest techniques of the modern world.

The training curriculum includes outdoor program consisting of Physical Training Squad Drill, Self Defense and Theoretical Security related subjects. Training on apart, refresher training is given from time to time to the existing security guards in order to update the security knowledge. In addition, we provides security training program as required by individual clients such as:- Security Officer Training Course, Body guards, VIP and Risk Awareness Training, Anti-Kidnapping. Threat Awareness and Bombs & Explosive Drill course, Sense of safety with knowledge & skill of handling various type of safety & security equipment.

Some of our Training Objectives
Security with respect to different conditions
Protection and Escorting
Administrative handling and record keeping
Detection and Handling
Communication and use of equipments
Teamwork based training exercises